Fifth-Level Modern Chinese I


This content-based language course is designed for advanced students expecting to improve their skills through conversation, reading and writing of essays, stories, and other types of creative writings in Chinese. The reading material consists of a variety of authentic literature texts (1930s to 2000s), including short stories, prose, and poetry. Narration and description are emphasized in both spoken and written forms. After taking this course, students will be familiar with masterpieces of contemporary Chinese literature and representative writers. In addition, students are expected to produce their own creative writings. Undergraduates enroll in the 400-level section; 500-level section is for graduate students only. Prerequisite: L04 428 or L04 411 (grade of B- or better) or placement by examination.
Course Attributes: EN H; BU Hum; AS LCD; AS LS

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Fifth-Level Modern Chinese I
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