Joint MBA/MA

The Joint MBA/MA degree in Business and East Asian Studies offers a Master of Arts degree in conjunction with a Master of Business Administration from Olin School of Business. This MBA/MA Program is designed for students who want to develop an expertise in business systems and management within an East Asian context. The two programs are pursued simultaneously ensuring that the cross-disciplinary training is fully integrated. The sharing of certain designated courses across the East Asian and Business curricula, allows students to complete two degrees efficiently and economically.

The MBA/MA Program is normally completed in 5-6 semesters.  The MBA degree requires a total of 66 degree credits, including 15 cross-counted credits taken in Arts & Sciences; the MA degree requires a total of 30 degree credits, including 6 cross-counted credits taken in the Olin School of Business.  Students should plan their programs in consultation with their East Asian Studies advisor and the Olin School's coordinator for the MBA/MA Program.  Students are advised to take courses only in the Olin School of Business during their first year and only in the Arts & Sciences MA program during their second year.  It may be possible to undertake language study in the first year as well, but substantive study of East Asia begins with the Core Seminar in the third semester (when offered). MBA/MA students are required to complete at least one international business course and two writing seminars in East Asian Studies, to prepare for the MA exit examination in two academic fields, and to complete at least the third level (or equivalent) of one East Asian language, with no more than 12 credits of language study applying toward the MA.  Courses are cross-counted upon the approval of the student's advisors.