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The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures has a long tradition of training outstanding students in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages and literatures. On this page, you’ll find news from our accomplished alumni community as well as articles related to our faculty research that may be of interest to friends and alumni of the department.

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Kang wins ACLS Fellowship

Kang won an ACLS Fellowship for his project “Artisanal Heart: The Vernacular Engineers of Early Modern Korea.”

‘Kasa’: Celebrating women’s journeys in Korea

‘Kasa’: Celebrating women’s journeys in Korea

어와우리 벗님네야, 이내말삼 드러보소 (“Hello my friends, please listen to what I am about to tell you”). For more than 500 years, Korean women have invited listeners to relive moments of their lives — excursions, celebrations, concerns and more — chronicled in the form of ‘kasa,’ a verse narrative. Scholar Ji-Eun Lee (East Asian Languages & Cultures) dives into their stories as part of a project on the evolution of the modern Korean woman of the 20th century.

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