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Third Annual Robert Morrell Memorial Lecture in Asian Religions: "Foxes, Gods and Monsters in the Edo Anthropocene"

Michael Bathgate, Professor, Department of Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology, Saint Xavier University
Women's Building Formal Lounge

A Two-Way Mirror: Set Design and Social Reflection in Shanghai Cinema, 1937-1941

Yuqian Yan, postdoctoral fellow in Chinese performance cultures, Washington University
Busch Hall, room 18

Japano-Koreanic: Evidence for a Common Origin of the Japanese and Korean Languages

Alexander Francis-Ratte, James B. Duke Assistant Professor of Asian Studies, Furman University
Busch Hall, Room 18

Global Asias as Imaginable Ageography

Tina Chen, Associate Professor of English and Asian American Studies, The Pennsylvania State University
Goldberg Lounge | DUC

22nd Annual Nelson Wu Lecture: "Dancing in Circles in the Arts on India and Its Neighbors"

Forrest McGill, Wattis Senior Curator of South and Southeast Asian Art, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Saint Louis Art Museum auditorium

TEA Talk - Heekyoung Cho

Heekyoung Cho Associate Professor, Department of Asian Languages & Literature, University of Washington.
Busch Hall, Room 18

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Over the years, EALC has hosted international conferences, Mellon seminars, and endowed public lectures.

EALC is proud to co-organize the annual Robert Morrell Memorial Lecture with Religious Studies.


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