Contemporary Korean II: Language, History, and Musical Culture


This is a content-based, high advanced level Korean course designed to develop an advanced level of reading proficiency, writing, and speaking skills in Korean suitable for academic or professional purposes. Based on various types of readings (e.g., scholarly articles, newspapers, magazine articles) and media materials covering Korean music from traditional to contemporary K-pop, we will discuss various topics relating to Korean musical culture. For example, we will read The Story of Chunhyang, one of Korea's famous folk tales, analyze the lyrics of modern Korean popular music songs, and watch K-pop music videos to discuss various issues in Korean society, culture, and language. In addition, this course offers students hands-on experience playing traditional Korean instruments and sharing their thoughts as part of classroom activities and projects, which will help develop students' conversation/discussion skills and writing ability to an advanced level. As part of a humanities curriculum that also serves as a language course, this course will involve substantial reading, writing, and discussion. Undergraduates enroll in the 400-level section; 500-level section is for graduate students only. Prerequisite: L51 428 (grade of B- or better) or permission of instructor.
Course Attributes: EN H; BU Hum; AS LCD; AS LS

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Contemporary Korean II: Language, History, and Musical Culture
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