Submit this form prior to your anticipated graduation if you wish to be considered for EALC Departmental Honors.

EALC awards Departmental Honors to majors as an acknowledgment of exemplary work in the major.  This notation will appear on the transcript, but not the diploma.  There are three categories of Departmental Honors: Distinction, High Distinction, Highest Distinction. High and Highest Distinction require participation in the department’s Latin Honors program. Both prime and second majors are eligible.

The Department will calculate your within-major GPA. A minimum of 3.65 is required. Refer to the EALC Honors page for details.

In 500 words or less, explain why you feel that you are deserving of Departmental Honors.
List how you actively participated in Department-run or recommended events, such as special lectures, conferences/symposia, workshops, films, or language tables.