Early Chinese Art: From Human Sacrifice to the Silk Road


How does ancient and medieval Chinese art inspire contemporary artists? This course examines Chinese art, architecture, and material culture from the prehistoric period through the end of the medieval Tang dynasty in order to demonstrate how the past continues to affect contemporary Chinese art and the art of its future. Topics covered include Neolithic ceramics and jades, the early bronzecasting tradition, the Terracotta Army and its predecessors, early brush arts and Buddhist sites, and the varied exotica of the Silk Road. Each class teaches early and contemporary works side-by-side to demonstrate how artists today continue to look to the past as they create the art of the future. First-year students welcome, with permission of instructor
Course Attributes: FA AH; EN H; BU Hum; BU IS; AS HUM; AS LCD; GF AH; FA HUM; AR HUM; AH NW