Pre-Fall 2021 Programs

Starting Fall 2021, students will be able to major or minor in East Asian Languages and Cultures. Students currently in one of the department’s three existing degree programs in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean will continue to be supported in their studies. Students are held to the requirements published in the Bulletin that is in place when they matriculate.  Current students—those who have declared a Chinese, Japanese, or Korean major/minor and those who have not—are permitted to complete the program requirements reflected in the Bulletin at the time they matriculated.  Current students may also elect to follow the new EALC requirements with the permission of the Department.  [Note: pre-FL21 students should contact the EALC department to have the Chinese, Japanese, or Korean major/minor added to their record as these degrees are no longer available in WebSTAC.]

Chinese Major & Minor Requirements

Japanese Major Requirements

Korean Major Requirements