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We encourage all students of Korean language to study abroad in Korea, both to improve their Korean language skills and to better the understanding of Korean culture and people from the experience of living in Korea. The Korean language program has a study abroad exchange relationship with a number of programs in Seoul, Korea. Students can select programs for summer, semester, or year-long study that award Washington University degree credits.

Yonsei University & Seoul National University

Two of the most prestigious universities in Korea, Yonsei University and the Seoul National University offer exchange students a wide range of courses taught in English and Korean in the areas of East Asian Studies, International Relations, and International Businesses. These universities are also well known for their Korean Language Programs.


Many majors elect to study abroad during their junior year at the The Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies, affiliated with Dôshisha University in Kyoto, where they join students from 14 other American universities to do advanced work in Japanese language and cultural studies. Those students interested in intensive language study over the summer in Japan may apply to the International Christian University Summer Courses in Japanese or the Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies Summer Program in Advanced and Classical Japanese. Many of the courses taken at these approved study abroad programs will transfer to the major.

Japanese study abroad FAQ


Students are encouraged to study abroad for one or two semesters.  Students can spend a summer in intensive language study abroad.

Taiwan Huayu BEST Program is a Chinese-language learning and teaching collaboration program with National Taiwan University (NTU).

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