Topics in Chinese Literature and Culture


This course introduces students to the evolution of jingju from its inception to the present, examining developments in dramatic literature, theatrical performance, spectatorship and other areas of interest to the seminar members, as well as the way in which the development of jingju engages historical experience and interacts with significant social, political, and cultural issues. Readings include sources in theatre, literature, history, and art, as well as examining pertinent visual materials (slides, videos). Through the research, discussion, lectures and viewings in this seminar, it is expected that upon completion students will: 1) have a broad expertise in jingju theatre history, literature, and performance practice and be capable of teaching this knowledge at the college level; 2) can analyze jingju dramatic texts and theatrical productions with reference to stylistic qualities, theatrical conventions, musical system, historical context, and social and cultural circumstances and value systems; and 3) be capable of conducting independent research employing interdisciplinary approaches by drawing on the knowledge and theories in theatre studies, Chinese studies, gender studies, cultural studies, etc. Prerequisite: junior level or above or permission of instructor.
Course Attributes: EN S; AS LCD; AS SSC; FA HUM; AR HUM; UC CD

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Topics in Chinese Literature and Culture
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